Friday, 5 December 2008

Themes Of

This month's big question - What Did You Learn about Learning 2008 is almost an annual tradition of asking people to look back on the year and provide some inkling of their aha moments. In reality it does an incredible job of surfacing the themes of each of the bloggers and give a sense of them. I'm hoping more people will take us up on this as I find it really surfaces some good stuff that I didn't quite recognize at the time.

Themes of:

Ken Allan
- takes us through his evolution of thinking about blogging and what his readers want. As you go through his posts, you can see how his thinking evolved. He also points us to a fantastic post that shows some core skills for getting into elearning.

Note to Ken - you should definitely look at my post - An Aha Moment - as Indicator of Valuable Content - Importantly My Content - it may give you another dimension beyond what people are reading and commenting on - what they save because they think it will be valuable again. For example, I just saved your getting into eLearning post because I think it will have value later and I think it should be surfaced to the Work Literacy community.

Michael Hanley - A Year in E-Learning: One Blog’s Progress - his top ten list gives a great sense of what he's been blogging about and his post gives a great summary of value of blogging:
Writing and maintaining a blog is one of the best motivators I know to continue developing my professional knowledge - to discuss the kind of topics I like to cover requires a comprehensive and in-depth of the subject of e-learning and all that understanding e-learning entails.
Clark Quinn - What did I learn about learning in 2008? pointed out mobile social which I'm certainly now using with my iPhone. This is different than what I think of when someone says mobile learning. But maybe that's wrong. He's causing me to rethink a bit of my take on mobile in 2008 2009.

But it's also great to just see perspectives and have a sense of someone through these posts. Somehow I feel like I know someone better having read the themes of Jeff Goldman - What I have Learned, Karyn Romeis - Oh dear, the dread annual question, Jason Allen - Nurtured Chaos.

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