Friday, 19 December 2008

Personal Learning Books

Brett Miller has taken me up on my 100 Conversation Topics which you can see what's happening at eLearning Learning - 100 Conversations. His post were some book recommendations for learning professionals. I must say that his list of books was quite interesting and come from a bit outside where I normally think. I went and ordered:
just based on Brett's comment:
Gelb looks at what made the greatest learner of all time the, um, greatest learner of all time;
I wasn't as sure on the others:
I still have the horrible habit of ordering a lot more books than I can ever read. I once took a personality profile and the feedback person walked into the room and started with, "So you like going into bookstores" - which was not one of the direct questions on the profile. And, yes, I do.

Thanks Brett for the suggestions.

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