Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Audience Member

On ICT in Early Learning someone (not sure their name) has responded to my Conversation Topics post (see them via eLearning Learning - 100 Conversations). The basic focus was on their audience - who they see as the typical audience member. This may be quite interesting as one of the first comments was:
I have set up a draft post behind the scenes of the 25 of the 100 conversations that I feel inspired to participate in.
Wow! I'm curious to see what results.

I enjoyed reading this post and it relates to both New Blog and No Trust. It is a great discussion of the process they used to understand their audience and really to find their blogging voice.
I noticed most was that there is a huge audience out there looking for information about technology and learning for young children. By observing readers search queries I have begun to target my post to address some of the queries educators have about technology in education.
It makes me realize that I've probably assumed a lot about who an audience member of my blog really is. It's a bit tough since there are people who come through search and there are a fair number of subscribers. I'm not sure I can accurately identify either kind of audience members. Instead, I tend to think about individual people I know (in vague terms) and write for them as an audience member.

It was interesting to see in the post -
Perhaps just the one, though I know of two others.
The definition is also in terms of a prototype audience member. It's so much easier when you feel you are talking to one person - or a vague idea of a single audience member.

One thing I'm finding in responding to these conversations is whether I'm writing for the one person who initiated the conversation or to my prototype audience member. It's actually causing me a bit of grief. I'm sure I'll find the right pattern as I do more.

I look forward to further conversation. And if you have thoughts on whether this works as a model for my blog, please let me know.

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