Thursday, 26 March 2009

Is Social Learning Fun?

Robert Kennedy recently posted 100 Conversations and Hot Wheels where he addressed one of my 100 Conversation Topics that you can find aggregated on eLearning Learning as 100 Conversations.  He chose to write about how he works differently from 10 years ago … one of my favorite topics.  Some good stuff in his post, but something that caught my eye was:

Have my work skills changed? Well, I use different tools now and I think my general approach to things has morphed slightly.  However, I still look to incorporate the “oh that was fun” factor into learning.  As I learn new software and new technologies, in some cases that becomes a bit more difficult.  The video game factor has made it harder to have the “wow” factor in some learning software.  But there are still ways to include some fun still.

This is always a good reminder to make sure that while we are moving towards smaller pieces of content, self-directed learning, informal learning support, social learning solutions, etc. – we don't lose one of the aspects that I believe learning professionals often possess.  They know how to make learning fun.

It also made me realize that I've not thought a whole lot about social learning and fun.  Do I even need to make it fun?  Isn't it already a kind of fun – interaction and conversation?  But maybe that's me?  What do you think?

Is Social Learning Fun?

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