Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Recommended End of Year eLearning Tools Spending?

I received a question today that I really wasn't sure how to answer and thought that lots of folks might have thoughts around this.  Here's the question:

I have some extra budget money and I need to invest in software and hardware that will help me create cutting edge, top shelf eLearning programs.

I already have these software programs:

  • Articulate Suite '09
  • Adobe Master Suite CS3 (Not sure that I really need to upgrade to CS4)
  • Camtasia & Snag It

Are there any other must have software programs? It has to work with Articulate of course!  Free software is always nice but I don't mind paying for high quality products.  I have still and video cameras, a mic and a computer ... do you think I need any other hardware items?  I'm happy with my LMS, so I don't need help there.

I can't claim that many of us will face the problem of having a budget that we need to use before the end of the year.  But I thought it might be fun to help someone else spend their money.

I realize that with this little bit of information, it's almost impossible to have the right answer, but I'm sure there are lots of interesting possibilities.

What purchases would you suggest?

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