Thursday, 19 February 2009

Subscribers - Who Are You?

For some reason, I've recently seen a whole lot of new subscribers. I would think that it was errors in Feedburner's counting, except that for many of the subscribers are doing it through email and there has definitely been an increase.

I'm thankful, but I really don't quite know the cause.

And, most of the comments come from folks who I've known for a while - but with a few new folks coming in recently. Still, it's a small number as compared to subscribers.

So, if you are a new subscriber (within the past six months) can you this ONE TIME come and leave a comment with:

a. Where you found out about this blog?
b. What you hope to get from subscribing?
c. Are you ever going to leave another comment?

If you've subscribed for a while, feel free to also leave a comment. I'd still like to hear b&c.

Of course, feel free to mention anything else.

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