Thursday, 26 February 2009

Adoption Ideas

Great article from Harvard - (via Big Dog, Little Dog) ...

Overcome Objections

Why Doing Things Half Right Gives You the Best Results

One key idea is when rolling something out ... :
Halfway through each training, after describing the process, I always asked the same question:

Why won't this work for you?

Then he overcomes the objections one by one by allowing modification of what is planned. Clearly, we can't always do this in our role, but certainly asking the question is a great idea. In fact, when I do presentations, this is often the question that really gets audiences going. And I've said before that they are really good at defining the barriers. I need to get better at enlisting them to overcome those barriers.

Embrace Chaos

This reminds me a bit of the adoption trick of letting everyone know how chaotic things are going to be when the new system rolls out. The more you trumpet, almost celebrate, the chaos and the problems - the more people are willing to help to make it happen.


So maybe this gets me back to the same bottom line that the author has ...

Make it half a solution or a partial solution or a flexible solution so that it can be adopted in ways that work for the individuals who have to do it.

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