Friday, 2 January 2009

Browser Keyboard Shortcut Basics

I was recently conducting a workshop on some of the methods and tools being described as part of this series and someone asked me how I was opening pages in new tabs. It made me realize that as we are so wedded to our browsers for many of the things I'm describing, I really should point out a few browser keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know:
  • Ctrl+T – new tab
  • Ctrl+click on a Link – open in new tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+click on a Link - open in new foreground tab
  • Shift+click on a Link - open in new window (use for videos you want to play on the side while you continue to surf)
  • Ctrl+Scroll wheel – larger/smaller font size
  • Ctrl+= : Increases font size.
  • Ctrl+- : Decreases font size.
  • Ctrl+F – Find
  • / - Quick Find
  • Ctrl+G – Find again
  • Ctrl+Tab – Next tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+T - In Firefox, (re)opens the last tab that you closed
  • Ctrl+L : Gets you right up into the Address/URL bar.
  • F5 : Reload the page.
  • Ctrl+K : Takes you to the Firefox search box.
  • Ctrl+U : View the page’s source.
If you are not using any of these, go practice these and come back in a week and practice again.

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