Monday, 6 October 2008

Social Bookmarks

The second week of our Web 2.0 for Learning Professionals Course is starting and the topic is Social Bookmarks. Here's the great resource / assignment that Harold and Michele created for this week:
Week 2: Free Your Bookmarks with Social Bookmarking
This has sparked some interesting activity and makes me think that the net effect of this kind of open course is a bit more interesting than I had thought. Take a look at the pages that are being tagged as part of the course - Work Literacy Ning Links. These are all coming from people participating in the course. But several of them are fantastic items that I had never seen before. They are also coming in somewhat categorized so that I can look at:

to find stuff that might be useful for next week's materials. Great stuff.

I also saw that several people have posted slideshare presentations embedded into the forums. Scroll down a bit on this page.

It's fun to have a group that is partly experience and partly new with social learning going on. I'm hoping that there will be a couple of good questions/examples that will emerge again this week that can get folks to do screencasts similar to what I did last week. Btw, if you pick up Jing, you can probably do it in under 10 minutes. It's fun to have a real problem to try to work on and then see how people try to address them.

This is a bit different than I expected and a whole lot of fun.

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