Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Getting Help

My post New Work is about changes in work skills. One of the bigger changes in work skills have to do with getting help. I looked at a couple examples this recently in LinkedIn for Finding Expertise and Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers

This topic came up again in a discussion - Blogging to ask for Help - Colin asked:
If you need input from like-minded people around the world, where's the best place to ask?

Today I posted a request for reader input in my blog because I didn't know where else I could ask for help from people outside my company. Is there a more effective way to approach this kind of problem?
There's some interesting discussion in the thread around whether it makes sense to post a question in a blog. And some alternative places were suggested for getting help. Some suggestions:
  • Discussion groups (TrDev, ???)
  • Ning or LinkedIn Groups
  • LinkedIn to find individuals
  • LinkedIn to ask questions - via Answers
  • Twitter (only if you've participated quite a bit)
The issue with Twitter and posting questions through a blog is that you only will get responses from your existing audience.

Am I missing any options here for getting help?

Are there good resources for helping someone know how to use these things to get help?

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