Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Video and Screencast Styles for Corporate Training?

I'd like to get help identifying examples of videos and screencasts that show different styles. I'm hoping people can help me collect some of these. As background ...

I've been discussing with several people recently how they can create small (5 minute) screencasts or videos that teach something very briefly. As part of these discussions, we always talk about how we would want the pieces to have some kind of nice style to them. For example, there's a nice, fun style to the videos by Common Craft. They are short and explain one key item.

However, what I would like to find are a range of good examples of videos and screencasts that show different styles and hopefully are things that are engaging, have fun or maybe humor. Other than Common Craft, what are some other good examples that illustrate other approaches to videos and screencasts that would be good for corporate training / learning?

An example video ...

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