Monday, 1 June 2009

eLearning Script Tools

I received an inquiry from a reader who was trying to find tools that they should use for creating their eLearning Script.  They are in a Mac and PC environment and they have to pass scripts around fairly widely for review and input.  The scripts are for eLearning with media (voice-over and video).  They are considering a pretty wide range of solutions from eLearning specific, to media specific, to standard tools like Word and PowerPoint, to doing it as rapid prototypes using an authoring tool.

I was going to respond and then I realized that I hadn't looked at tools in this space in quite a while, so I'd like to hear from readers:

What do you use to create your eLearning Scripts?

What tools should this person consider?


Please add your comments.  I'll try to compile things in this post a bit like we do in the Big Question so that it becomes a pretty good resource based on responses.

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