Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Test LMS

In the past, I've had a few posts around how you can test your courses under an LMS:
One of the problems cited was the lack of available LMS test environments. Recently I've seen two possible approaches that seem quite interesting - although we've not yet tried them (so I would love to get feedback).

One is a Moodle installation that allows teachers to get up and going cheaply. You can use a free-trial and then test.

Probably the most interesting is: Open Source CMS - a site that has a whole bunch of open source tools installed so that you can play around with them. The site is reset periodically and has a count down timer. Anything you do will get lost after that timer. But still it's a great way to show people the basics of what an LMS does. And I believe you could then get your courses tested.

The eLearning software I saw was:
  • ATutor
  • Claroline
  • Docebo suite
  • Dokeos
  • DrupalEd
  • Interact
  • Moodle
  • SyndeoCMS
It also has a bunch of content management systems, a CRM (SugarCRM) and others ...
  • Wikis:
    • BoltWire
    • DokuWiki
    • MediaWiki
    • PmWiki
    • WikkaWiki
  • Blogs:
    • Dotclear
    • Eggblog
    • FlatPress
    • Globber
    • LifeType
    • Loudblog
    • Nucleus CMS
    • Serendipity
    • SimplePHPBlog
    • Textpattern
    • WikyBlog
    • WordPress
    • Zomplog
I hope someone will play around a bit and let me know how this works out for them.

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