Monday, 31 March 2008

Indicator of Valuable Content

I saw a post by Christy Tucker that pointed me to a feature in Diigo - their site community. It feels like a combination of and MyBlogLog. The nice part is that you can see it for every site - even if the site owner hasn't done anything. So, I was able to look at the eLearning Technology's Site Community.

While it shows me something about the people, what I found really compelling was looking at the Popular tab which gives a pretty good indication of what the best content is on my site. Christy sited on of my old posts An Aha Moment - as Indicator of Valuable Content - Importantly My Content.

I still think this is a good indicator and the Diigo popular tab on my site community seemed like a pretty good list of what the most compelling content was on my blog.

This is a really neat feature and I'd guess that given a couple of widgets, Diigo is going to get some traction.

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